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Order Management and Job Data Collection

Get Prinected for:

  • A job list than can be accessed at the control station without separate data capture.
  • Integrated production data capture at the press control station.
  • Rapid analysis and precise post-calculation for highlighting potential improvements.
Make the most of your potential with direct information exchange at the press control station.
The rapid transfer of order and job data is essential in order to work effectively and productively. That's why Prinect fully integrates your press control station into the print shop workflow. You automatically receive a list of all jobs to be processed and the necessary production data - in the order specified during production planning. This data does not need to be captured again.

Precise analyses and post-calculation (actual costing)
During the production process, Prinect also automatically collects all production and machine data - such as counter status, setup times, start/finish times and downtimes. You always know what is happening in production and can analyze the technical and financial aspects of the processes.

Identify trends early on to secure your productivity in the long term.
Do you know how efficient your pressroom is? Prinect allows you to analyze the efficiency of one or more presses in clearly arranged diagrams and tables. You are free to choose whether to display pure productivity data, individual operating statuses or O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). You can also access productivity data or job duration as a function of the run. These analyses make it easier for you to identify potential weak points or to check whether measures taken are actually delivering success.

Prinect creates a sound basis - for your costing and efficient production. You can identify potential improvements and take targeted action to tackle weaknesses. Identify work that has not been billed. Optimize your processes! Make them quicker and more effective - with Prinect!

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