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Color Management

Get Prinected for:

  • Reliable and reproducible inking.
  • Low costs thanks to short make-ready times and less paper waste.
  • Fewer errors and excellent process reliability thanks to automated processes.
Harness synergies with prepress information for efficient process management.

Prinect combines prepress and pressroom into a single system. You benefit from fast and reliable inking up, the ability to maintain a consistently high level of quality throughout the run, and less paper waste. How does it work? Prinect gives you access to all key production data at the press control station. A thumbnail of the job is also displayed for easy identification. What's more, you can use ink presettings based on the digital data created at the prepress stage or saved during previous jobs. Ink presettings determine the values for the individual ink zone openings and are set automatically at the press. You are left to concentrate on fine-tuning - for faster and more reliable inking up.

Active measurement and control
With Prinect, you can also control various color measuring and control systems directly from your press control station. You can measure and analyze print results conveniently on the spot - either externally or inline during production, depending on the configuration. Any adjustments required in the event of deviations are made at the same time. All your processes become quicker and more reliable, and there is much less paper waste, too.

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