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Everest is not enough for Australia's Peak Performer - Rex Pemberton


One year ago today, Rex Pemberton reached the summit of Mt. Everest, making him the youngest Australian to climb the world's highest mountain. A year later, at the age of 22, Rex will set out in pursuit of yet another Australian mountain-climbing record.

With Heidelberg Australia & New Zealand (HAN) supporting him as a primary sponsor, Rex will commence his quest to become the youngest Australian to climb the highest peak on each continent in less than two years - dubbed the 'Seven Summits' quest. The 'Seven Summits' quest begins with an ascent of Mt. McKinley, for which Rex departs on 5th June 2006.

"With Everest in my wake, and Heidelberg supporting me, I am looking forward to this next challenge. Mt. McKinley is one of the coldest and most weather-beaten mountains in the world. With McKinley being a solo climb I am grateful for the support of my ground team and my primary sponsor, Heidelberg.

My association with Heidelberg goes back to last year when I spoke in Sydney at the launch of the Speedmaster XL105 press. Since then both Heidelberg and I have recognized that we share in common the goal of peak performance, albeit in vastly different fields and endeavors."

Rex's climbing goal, in pursuit of his 'Seven Summits' quest, comprises:

Already climbed:
Mt Kosciusko 2228m Australia
Mt Kilimanjaro 5963m Africa
Mt Everest 8848m Nepal

To be climbed:
Mt McKinley 6195m Alaska, North America - June 06 departure
Mt Elbrus 5633m Russia - July 06 departure
Vinson Massive 4897m Antarctica - November 06 departure
Mt Aconcagua 6962m South America - December 06 departure

"Heidelberg wishes Rex a safe and successful ascent of Mt. McKinley," said HAN General Manager Product Management and Marketing, Glenn Plummer. "I'm glad it's him and not me, but I have no doubt Rex will succeed, and reach the peaks he aspires to conquer. He is a true inspiration and with his can-do attitude and achievement of such challenging goals, Heidelberg is proud to be associated with and support him. I look forward to seeing the Heidelberg flag waving from the top of the world's highest mountains."

Feature Length Everest Documentary

As if climbing the highest peak on each continent is not enough, Rex has set himself a number of corporate goals, including independently producing an hour long documentary of his Everest climb - To Stand Above the Clouds. 

Follow Rex's 'Seven Summits' Progress

Rex will update his website ( www.rexpemberton.com ) regularly with voice recordings using a satellite uplink while climbing.

Speaking and Training Opportunities

In addition to his climbing activities, Rex is an established speaker and trainer. He has delivered over 250 corporate presentations to over 40,000 people in five different countries and considers himself a generation Y and motivational expert. With customers such as Heidelberg, Panasonic, Commonwealth Bank, AMP and Flight Centre.

Contact Rex

Rex is available for interviews and can be contacted direct:

Mobile - 0401 431 393
Email - rex@peakteams.com

Media Information: 
Melanie Dooley
Marketing Coordinator - Product Management
Heidelberg Australia & New Zealand
Ph: 61 3 9205 4206

Email: Melanie.Dooley@heidelberg.com

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