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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Star System: FoilStar
FoilStar: Cold foil technology for high-quality print products with stunning metallic effects
High-quality metallic effects
FoilStar, the cold foil technology lets you expand your portfolio by adding metallic effects to a wide range of applications, including labels, cartons and high-end commercial work. The FoilStar for Speedmaster CD 74, Speedmaster CD 102 and Speedmaster XL 105 presses applies stunning finishes to a wide range of substrates. It is perfect for meeting the growing demand for high-quality finishing that adds value and impact to your customers' print products.

How FoilStar works
With FoilStar cold foil is applied using two normal offset printing units. The first printing unit uses its inking unit and an ordinary offset plate to apply an adhesive to all or part of the sheet. The second unit - the actual cold foil module - is equipped with take-up and take-off units for applying the foil. The foil is "nipped" together with the sheet between the blanket and impression cylinders, and the pressure transfers it to the adhesive-bearing areas. When the backing is removed, the metal layer remains behind. Both printing units can be used for printing again immediately after the cold foil application, which represents a major advantage for fast makereadies.


Diverse applications

  • Foil can be applied to part or all of the sheet
  • Ideal for fine structures such as characters, screens and large solids
Process-related advantages

  • Fast production speeds
  • Fast makeready due to the use of conventional offset printing plates
  • Precise register
  • Identical printing lengths because of identical cylinder diameters
  • No thermal stresses on the substrate
  • No shadows on the reverse side of the sheet
Flexible production

  • Motifs can be changed in minutes
  • Printing units can be used for either cold foil or normal offset applications

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Environmental Protection
Eco-Friendly Printing That Saves You Money

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