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Print Products Are as Colourful and Varied as People

Atlanta, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, São Paulo, Shenzhen, Sydney, Tokyo or Heidelberg:

In our Print Media Academy network, everything revolves around the latest products in the print media industry. Here, knowledge is conveyed, ideas arise, contacts are made, and lively discussions on printing and the media are held in various forms. What is it that everywhere in the world, it is exciting to push material and printing press to the limit? One reason is surely the fact that print simply "feels" good. The paper, its surface, and the ink - and as you know, printed materials even have their own individual smell...

In addition, Heidelberg also offers a noteworthy experience in the form of the Print Media Academy. Already with the first steps into the light-flooded building of glass and steel, with its living play of water, happy anticipation grows for the extraordinary architecture and for the people who meet here. Not only experts enjoy visiting us - lectures and vernissages that are regularly held here, as well as the top-quality restaurant high above with its view over the city, make the Print Media Academy a special meeting place.

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Print Media Academy
Print Media Academy

The Print Media Academy in Heidelberg offers support to the print media industry with a broad program of further education. The PMA is a center of ideas, training and future innovations accord- ing to the motto "learning from and with each other". More

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