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Sheetfed Offset

Development and sale of sheetfed offset presses are the core business of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. In this segment of the print media industry, the Group is one of the leading solution providers.

Sheetfed Offset

Speedmaster SX 52

Performance innovations in conjunction with the assurance of a winning machine platform: The Speedmaster SX 52 combines the innovative and future-oriented technology of the XL range with the successful Speedmaster SM 52 platform.

Speedmaster SX 74

Performance innovations in conjunction with the assurance of a winning machine platform: The Speedmaster SX 74 combines the innovative and future-oriented technology of the XL range with the successful Speedmaster SM 74 platform.

Speedmaster XL 75

The Speedmaster XL 75 enables you to meet even the most exacting of customer requirements. From the feeder to the delivery, the Speedmaster XL 75 features many impressive innovations.

Speedmaster SX 102

Well over 30,000 users worldwide place their trust in perfecting technology from Heidelberg. It gives print shops a crucial competitive edge by delivering consistently high print quality on both sides of the sheet at maximum production speeds.

Speedmaster CX 102

The Speedmaster CX 102 combines the Speedmaster CD 102 with the innovations of the Peak Performance Class from Heidelberg. It ensures quality and maximizes productivity for industrial printing, whether packaging, label or high-end commercial printing.

Speedmaster XL 106

The Speedmaster XL 106 is the consistent further development of the successful Speedmaster XL 105. Equipped with components that help to reduce makeready time and to increase productivity, the Speedmaster XL 106 is the Peak Performance machine in the 70 x 100 format.

Speedmaster XL 145 and Speedmaster XL 162

The ideal large-format solution is here. Innovative ideas are combined with sophisticated technology to optimize efficiency and reliability.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: CutStar


The CutStar short-grain sheeter offers you the best of both worlds - the cost benefits of web offset and the flexibility of sheetfed offset. CutStar is installed right in front of the feeder.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: StaticStar


Clean sheet separation, optimum sheet travel and exceptionally high production speeds are only possible if your printing stock is free of electrostatic charges.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: AirStar and ScrollStar

AirStar and ScrollStar

The AirStar and ScrollStar systems are perfectly coordinated with your press. AirStar combines virtually all individual blowers for providing vacuum and blast air in a single, central air supply cabinet.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: HydroStar and CombiStar

HydroStar and CombiStar

Stable concentrations of alcohol and dampening solution additives, constant water temperatures, and clean dampening solution are all vital requirements for ensuring consistently high-quality print results.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: InkStar and InkStar Direct

InkStar and InkStar Direct

InkStar gives you all the benefits of fully automatic ink feed without having to sacrifice the flexibility of being able to change the ink.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: FoilStar


FoilStar, the cold foil module from Heidelberg, makes for a whole host of exceptional finishings for labels, packaging, and high-quality commercial print jobs, offering brilliant metallic effects that give your customers’ print products high added value.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: WashStar


Thanks to WashStar, you spend less time cleaning your press. A fully automatic washup program replaces manual cleaning of the collecting troughs under the blanket and impre-ssion cylinder washup devices of the Speedmaster SM 102 and Speedmaster CD 102.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: CoatingStar


Your customers are increasingly asking for their products to be finished with high-gloss or specialeffect coatings.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: DryStar


Heidelberg is the only press manufacturer that develops its own dryer systems - individually tailored to each press.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: DryStar UV

DryStar UV

With DryStar UV, the benefits of the DryStar system can also be used in UV printing.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: PowderStar


The models of the PowderStar series are optimally integrated into the relevant Speedmaster press and designed to ensure a perfect pile with sheets lying flat in the delivery while also minimizing the amount of powder used.

Heideleberger Druckmachinen AG: CleanStar


The CleanStar powder extraction system from Heidelberg was developed specifically for Speedmaster presses. Its operation and performance have been geared precisely to press requirements.


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