Iriodin Conventional

Iriodin is a pearly luster pigment consisting of mineral mica and metal oxide layers. Iriodin coatings can create interesting iridescent color effects, for example the color impression created by pigment changes when viewed from a different angle. The thicker the layer of pigment applied, the more pronounced the effect. A chamber doctor blade system is required in the coating unit for these special coatings.

The cosmetic packaging for eye shadow shown here in the picture for example has been finished using two different Iriodin effects. The image on the packaging is underlaid with a full-area silver-white Iriodin pearly luster to give it a special sheen. Iriodin with a gold gloss effect has been applied to the part of the image above the eyelid. These effects with Iriodin coatings were created on a Speedmaster with Duo Application. An Iriodin pearly luster coating is applied in the flexographic printing unit ahead of the offset units, followed by conventional six-color overprinting. The coating unit is then used for full-area application of a water-based primer to the layers of ink. Finally a UV spot coating of Iriodin Solar Gold is applied.

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