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Speedmaster XL 106.



Successful packaging printing.

The Speedmaster XL 106 is ideally equipped for all challenges in packaging printing. Maximum automation makes operation easier than ever for you. Thanks to short makeready times, you can handle even complex job changes in the fastest possible time.



Ink change - Faster, simpler and cleaner.

Ink fountain liner protects the ink fountain from staining. The foil can be easily replaced without additional manual effort. In addition, the side cheeks can be removed very simply. Parallel wash programs shorten makeready times additionally.



Fast change.

For a fast job change a database with substrate-dependent air characteristic profiles for all common substrates are available. The result is a perfect presetting using the Preset function. Comprehensive Preset function of format and air settings for all essential machine components like for example the Preset Plus feeder and Preset Plus delivery.



No more flying blind.

As soon as the operator starts a job with Prinect Inpress Control 2 everything runs fully automatically. The measuring device finds the paper white as well as the colour control strip and delivers after less than 30 sheets the first colour measurement result. Then the register is set correctly and afterwards the colour control starts. If the required inking value is reached the production can start - on request automatically.



Fast inking-up.

The Color Assistant Pro continually adapts the ink presetting to the current printing conditions. Once a perfect coloring result has been achieved, all you need to do is press a button to save this optimized setting and apply it to follow-up jobs. If the CIP4-PPF prepress data and Prinect Inpress Control inline measurement and control system are used for web-to-print or catalog printing, for example, CMYK jobs can often go into production after just 60 start-up sheets.



Successful commercial printing.

The Speedmaster XL 106 is the right machine for frequent job changes. But its constantly high quality is also impressive with larger runs. With stable production speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour even in perfecting mode, it achieves a net output enabling commercial print shops to produce all jobs economically.




Clean and green.

The cloth washup device is more environmentally friendly and faster than a brush washup device. The consumption of washing fluid is reduced, the washing result is much better and the disposal is uncomplicated.



Save without switching off.

The power consumption of a Speedmaster XL 106-6+L in ready mode: 7 kW
The power consumption in standby: 3 kW
This is a reduction of over 50%.
With 1h standby per shift and with 50 weeks per year with 3 shifts each day, the total possible energy savings are 3,375 kWh p.a. This are approx the savings that a 3 to 4 person household would use during one year.

After standby the press is immediately capable for make-ready.




Maximum performance guaranteed.

Press faults should be resolved as rapidly and professionally as possible. That is why we have the largest service network in the print media industry. This enables us to respond more effectively, quickly and efficiently – on site – as and when you need us. We have all the tools to provide you with the best possible support, wherever you are.



Fast solutions.

In addition to telephone support, we provide a range of internet-based services that give you instant access to our expert knowledge. Heidelberg SystemService engineers can access your system on request, for example to provide live support. Our automatic emergency system eCall allows you to report faults easily and quickly to Heidelberg SystemService at the touch of a button.




While others talk, we print.

In the here and now, it's not what others tell you that counts but what you yourself achieve. Rather than telling you what's possible, we therefore let our customers relate their own practical experiences. Read about print shops the world over that achieve unbeatable production success not only with Speedmaster XL 106 presses and print the additional sheets that give them that vital edge – day in, day out.


Many other unbeatable customer stories can be found here.


Parallel makeready processes.

Hycolor Multidrive shortens makeready times by enabling the inking unit to be washed at the same time as other makeready processes, such as washing the blanket and impression cylinders or changing the plates. Inking units not required for a job can be shut down.

Hycolor Multidrive needs no clutch; the inking unit can be driven independently from the main gear drive. The print process takes place always in main gear drive for high quality and more security.



Optimum material handling.

Heidelberg Logistics supplies a variety of components for material handling automation. The aim is a streamlined production workflow between the storage area, pressroom and postpress. Instead of concerning yourself with pile changes and material supply, you can concentrate fully on other tasks. Print shops can adapt the system to their individual needs – it encompasses rotating conveyors, buffer zones, pile change units and conveyors with integrated empty pallet transfer.



The success story.

The Speedmaster XL 106 is not only for long print runs the right machine. Also short print runs with frequent job changes are produced economically with this machine. No matter what your are produce on a Speedmaster XL 106 - Intelligent automation, intuitive operation, top quality, and maximum productivity and cost effectiveness make the Speedmaster XL 106 your success story in industrial printing.



Push to Stop: uninterrupted productivity.

For the first time, multiple follow-up orders can be prepared and released while production is still underway. In addition, processes are automatically started when changing jobs – and then run on their own. As part of this process, the color measuring system Prinect Inpress Control 2 with the Quality Assist function automatically switches the machine to “production run” once the defined quality requirements are met. This fully automated job changing – from the last to the first good sheet until production starts – is unique in offset printing.


User friendliness.


Everything in sight.

The patented assistance system Intellistart 2 automatically generates all the steps required for intelligent job changes and provides maximum transparency across all active and queued processes. The time-optimized sequence is simulated live by Intelliguide.



Don’t click – just print.

You can select jobs from the job list on the left, while on the right you can review the detailed job information and adapt it if necessary. With complete Prinect integration, you can select a job, review all the job data at a glance, then select and release a job straight away with just 2 clicks.



Quick and easy.

Thanks to the Roller Check Assistant the review and adjustment takes only 5 minutes per printing unit compared to manual adjustment which takes 25 minutes to complete. The easy roller setting is standardized for Speedmaster presses and therefore easily transferred from one machine to the other. The simple, fast handling allows a preventive examination and thus ensures higher quality, less waste and a lower complaint rate.


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