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Heidelberg is certain that inkjet is the future, and this is reflected in its strategic focus. It is looking to perfect the technology in conjunction with strong partners and thus generate the same enthusiasm among customers.

It’s a minor revolution that Heidelberg sums up in one single word — Synerjetix. Under this name, the company is eager to put industrial digital printing on professional footing and drive it forward. The strategic foundations of this concept are far wider than the word suggests. In conjunction with strong partners, workflow integration, and sophisticated process technology, Heidelberg is developing industrial digital printing in the inkjet sector into an innovation driver. This is creating a wide variety of new applications that can be readily integrated into existing processes.

First and foremost in this process is the further development of high-performance inkjet technologies that can print on a wide range of materials and surfaces. The existing technology can already be used in a wide variety of environments. The print heads only need between two and twelve picoliters, which makes printing extremely efficient and economical. This is also true of the inks themselves — in tandem with Fujifilm, high-performance, high-quality inks are being developed that can be applied precisely and meet the toughest quality requirements.

New fluids are subject to strict controls, while approved inks, coatings, and conditioners ensure maximum compatibility with various substrates and consistently perfect results. This is also underlined by certification based on the stringent Swiss regulation on foodstuffs (Schweizer Lebensmittelverordnung).

But it isn’t just the company’s own products that are subject to quality controls. The various substrates, no matter whether sheet or roll, also need to meet the Heidelberg performance pledge — namely, reproducible results over the long term with no compromises on quality. We thus put new products through their paces, testing their suitability for various applications and business models, and approve them accordingly. A comprehensive product database provides our customers with up-to-date information on the tested substrates at all times, thereby ensuring seamless processes. And of course this includes information on how substrates have been handled.

As a human-machine interface, the Prinect system from Heidelberg is fully integrated into the workflow and has a major impact on results. With a front end that can be operated intuitively and automates standard tasks, the training and maintenance workload is kept low.

The extensive Remote Services and cloud offerings minimize downtimes and the support required. The heart and soul of Heidelberg, so to speak, lies in its color management and screening technology. Its decades of experience as a prepress pioneer enable further development at the highest level and support complete integration into existing processes, delivering results that are second to none.

With these nine elements, Synerjetix combines the in-depth know-how of leading manufacturers and service partners with the in-depth understanding and high standards of Heidelberg. And all with one single focus — to inspire customers.

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Under the Synerjetix name, Heidelberg brings together all the expertise and activities required to drive forward inkjet in the industrial sector. Nine development areas represent a collective strategic focus:

  • Inkjet Head Technologies
  • Ink & Fluid Technologies
  • Substrate qualification
  • Substrate handling technologies
  • Remote & cloud services
  • Screening technologies
  • Color management
  • Workflow integration
  • Front end technologies

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