Hot Foiling.

  • Foiling, embossing, die-cutting, stripping and blanking in a single run
  • Short setup times
  • Intelligent foil management

MK Masterwork hot foil embossing machines are the perfect solution for commercial, label and packaging print shops wishing to expand their portfolio into an attractive market segment. The Easymatrix 106 FC and Promatrix 106 FC have lots of userfriendly functions, short makeready times and use the foil in an effictive way with little waste.

Hot foil embossing, die-cutting/embossing, stripping and blanking in one run puts the MK Duopress in a class of its own. Combining hot foil embossing and die-cutting processes in a single machine improves productivity considerably and makes quality control easier.

Further Information

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    24/7 Expert Support

    We offer 24-hour technical and application support in many countries.

  • Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Minimizing waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

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    CO2 neutral from the Beginning

    Ecology begins with the purchase of the machine, which is why we offer all machines CO2 neutral.