Benchmark in productivity.

Benefit from all advantages of our Stahlfolder TH/KH 82 folding machines plus a good piece of profitability on top.

The Stahlfolder TH 82-P and KH 82-P folding machines are specially designed for the requirements of industrial signature production. Increase your output by up to 50 percent using the The folding quality and process stability are retained, because there is no need to increase the machine speed.

Due to this high productivity, which corresponds to the productivity of your press, each folding machine can be assigned to one press. This makes your production planning a lot easier and reduces the complexity of processes.

Smart solutions for fast job changes, such as the new Push to Stop function or the Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41 ensure that this productivity can be converted into a high net output, even at short runs. This ensures the efficiency of the production process and thus your profitability.

At a glance

  • Industrial signature production when operating in high-performance mode as buckle plate and combination folding machine version in the 70 x 100 cm format range
  • Unique shingled folding principle from the feeder to the last station - without changing the impositioning scheme
  • Up to 50 % higher productivity without increasing the machine speed compared to non-shingled production
  • Very high process stability and high-quality end products thanks to moderate machine speed
  • The most efficient feeder for your industrialized folding production; Stahlfolder PFX pallet feeder
  • Push to Stop for finishing: intelligent automation and efficiency-enhancing options for economical short-run production

Key features

1. Feeder
2. Modular Control MCT
3. Additional Devices
4. Folding Units
5. Folding Rollers
6. Motor-driven combination buckle plates
7. Pressing device
8. Deliveries

Customer stories

M&E Druckhaus, Germany.

Autonomous, shingled folding: Innovative „Push to Stop“-philosophy of Heidelberg convinces customers with top quality and productivity

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Pensord focuses on efficiency and installs one Stahlfolder TH 82-P for each press.

Sheetfed magazine specialist Pensord is investing over £3.3m in highly automated kit as it rolls out a future-proofing strategy at the business centred on profitable capacity.

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Gremper AG produces on new Stahlfolder TH 82-P

Gremper AG folds on a Stahlfolder TH 82-P of the latest generation. As the sheets are guided through the buckle plate folder in a shingled way, the printing company achieves 50 percent more output against single sheet processing.

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Productivity results spur third Stahlfolder TH82-P investment for Buxton Press

A 35 % net increase in output with its two for four folder investment in 2016 has convinced Buxton Press of the power of the Stahlfolder TH82-P and it has placed an order for a third machine as a result.

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Complementary solutions

The folding machine all-rounder.

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With its unrivaled level of automation,
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