Die-cutting in large format.

The Promatrix 145 CSB large-format die-cutter is the latest addition to the Promatrix series. It is distinguished by simple operation, high precision, and outstanding reliability. Equipped with the automatic non-stop system and pallet logistics, it can handle long runs with the greatest of ease. The Promatrix 145 CSB is extremely versatile, handling all types of material from paper to corrugated cardboard.

At a glance

  • Auto non-stop in feeder and blank separator (option)
  • Feeder logistics system (option)
  • MasterSet: Optical sheet alignment system
    • Every single sheet is aligned to the sheet edge, the registration mark or the print image.
  • Cutting plate with fine adjustment
  • Chase changer (option)
  • Quick-lock frame for upper and middle tools
  • Preparation table (option)
  • Normal sheet deposit or blanking
  • Fully automatic pallet changer in the blank separator

Technical data

Performance data
Sheet format (min.)450 x 580 mm
Sheet format (max.)1.060 x 1.450 mm
Machine speed (max.)7,000 sheets per hour
Processed materials
Paper (min.)90 g/m²
Carton/solid cardboard (max.)2,000 g/m²
Corrugated cardboard without MasterSet (max.)4.0 mm
Corrugated cardboard with MasterSet (max.)2.0 mm

Promatrix 145 CSB brochure

The Promatrix 145 CSB satisfies the demand for the production of large-format packaging. This die-cutting machine with stripping and blanking function has been specially designed for this industry segment.

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