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Folding boxes

Optimization of the complete process of folding box production is today – and will be in the future – the major theme in the sector. A more differentiated purchasing pattern by consumers leads to a wider range of requirements for packaging. The trend nowadays is no longer towards shorter print runs only. In order to produce in a more economic and efficient manner, the optimum print run for each job is required – which satisfy the growing requirements of the manufacturers of branded goods in the form of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Just in Time (JiT) production concepts. This means that in the near future an even greater automated quality and efficiency control will be necessary, which will be implementable only in conjunction with the suitable technology – integrated in machines and workflow. From an environmental point of view, packaging manufacturers will also have to face up to the future challenge of being able to develop and produce lighter, thinner and material-saving packaging. Heidelberg, with its range of solutions, is optimally positioned for the current and future requirements of the packaging market – particularly for the manufacture of highly finished carton packaging which also offers competitive advantages in volume production.

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