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Color measurement Systems from Heidelberg.

Exact color reproduction plays an important role in the modern brand environment. With packagings, labels, and commercial print jobs, it all comes down to fast recognition and unique identification of the brand and product. Colors are a crucial part of this.

Commercial and printing packaging therefore requires absolute repeat precision, even for the shortest of production runs. The colors need to look exactly the same in different media. This calls for a color measuring technology that goes far beyond conventional density and camera-based evaluations.

The spectral measuring technology developed by Heidelberg meets this requirement with extremely high precision. The unique and patented ink control system reproducibly corrects even the smallest deviations.

Our color measurement systems also offer the highest level of automation in conjunction with our high efficient presses. There are no long setup times involved, so you can get printing faster and save time for other jobs.

Whether measuring the entire print image or permanently displaying the color deviation ΔE during the production run, the color measurement systems have a number of unique selling points that make them shine.
And what is most important: they will also help you to be successful with your customers.

Prinect Easy Control

The standard color measurement system for reliable production is ideal for commercial printers who have not yet worked with automatic color measurement systems.

Easy Control
Prinect Inpress Control 2

The inline color measurement system for color and register control integrated into the press ensures maximum productivity through fully automated setup and measurement of every print sheet.

Inpress Control 2
Prinect Inspection Control 2

The inline sheet inspection systems deliver maximum process reliability through continuous inspection and documentation of the entire print run at full production speed.

Inspection Control 2
Prinect Image Control 3

The color measurement system for optimum quality throughout the print image is particularly suitable for packaging printing and challenging commercial jobs such as motifs spread over two pages or printed on different sheets.

Image Control 3
Prinect Dipco Elements

In addition to suitable color measurement systems, digital print control elements specifically coordinated with these systems are also needed to ensure the required production quality. They enable rapid and reliable control of print processes.

Dipco Elements
Prinect Axis Control

The high-performance color measurement system for effective quality assurance features a high level of automation. It is used in both commercial and packaging printing.

Axis Control
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