Environmental Policy of the Heidelberg Group


Within its industry, the Heidelberg Group is an exemplary sustainable company. By sustainability we understand the long term balance of ecology, economy and social responsibility.

Legal Compliance

We are committed to meeting all environment-related laws and regulations relevant for the Heidelberg Group.



Products and Services

Transportation and Logistic

Thereof, we Willingly Assume Responsibility:

Dr. Gerold Linzbach
Chief Executive Officer and
Chief Human Resources Officer

Dirk Kaliebe
Chief Financial Officer and
Head of the Financial Services Divison

Harald Weimer
Management Board Member and
Head of the Heidelberg Services Division

Stephan Plenz
Management Board Member and
Head of the Heidelberg Equipment Division

Featured Content

  • dsc_0011_re_v4_print_co2

    CO₂ calculator for your print products

    Our CO2 calculator enables you to generate the CO2 footprint of your print products.
    Click Here

  • Forest Stewardship Council

    Heidelberg supports the FSC®. Therefore we use paper from sustainable forests in our demonstration rooms and printed products.

  • worldmap_co2_countries_540px

    User of CO₂ neutral Machines

    Printed products may be labeled with the "CO2 neutral" Logo. With the indicated number you can find the company profile of the print shop.

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