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A diverse range of media from a single source.

Multichannel Publishing

Using a multiplicity of media also calls for a multiplicity of content. But instead of producing text and images separately for print and online, web and tablet, flyer and corporate brochure, the Prinect Media Manager combines everything in a single solution, thus creating new business opportunities.

In multichannel production, as much content as possible should come from a single source. The catalog features the same items as the online shop, the image brochure uses the same photos as the product flyer, and the website has the same information as the app. In the corporate media mix, print products are just one of many elements in the mosaic. The overall impression on the customer across the various media channels is what counts.

This makes it all the more important for content to also be consistent. This is no easy task — after all, many companies frequently use different specialists for each medium. In this situation, the one hand often doesn’t know what the other is doing.

Creating content and managing it in a media-neutral format makes much more sense and is far less prone to error. This content can then be used to fill any desired channels, and this is where the Prinect Media Manager from Heidelberg comes in. It serves as the central platform for multichannel publishing and turns print shops into multimedia service providers. Instead of taking more or less complete data from the customer and using it to produce a print product, the Prinect Media Manager enables print shops to perform key tasks in the production process for the entire media mix.

The basis for this is a central database for content, comprising text, photos, graphics, videos, and layout files — whatever information is available can be accommodated in the Prinect Media Manager. This solution really brings benefits to customers wherever different media are to be produced, various language versions are required, or information only needs updating in part. Instead of converting all media individually or copying and pasting content, data can be changed centrally and across different media.

Whether product master data is then used in the catalog or in the online shop doesn’t matter. Role-based access rights support adapted workflows to suit the medium, and variable information such as prices and availability can be changed on an individual basis.

Print shops thus position themselves much earlier in the production process and act as an interface among everyone involved. Layout staff, copywriters, programmers, and graphic designers can all access the solution. The consistent data can then be used for both digital and offset printing and digital applications without interrupting the workflow. The Prinect Media Manager even won the InterTechnology Award 2015 for this.

The key features in 15 seconds

The Prinect Media Manager enables printing position to interface with all existing stakeholders of cross-channel media production:

  • Central database for all content
  • Controller of all media production processes
  • Rapid coordination processes by clear hierarchies and rights management
  • Compatible with third-party systems
  • Intelligent foreign language management for multilingual productions

The Media Manager plugs into existing Prinect solutions integrated or standalone use. Additional modules expand the functionality, for example, a browser-based layout or automation options.

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