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Digital Printing Portfolio

Print has a future. Our vision of the digital printing industry embraces the personalized printing of all kinds of substrates and objects. The process must be flexible, error-free from the very first run, just in time, and perfectly simple. It’s a vision that is now becoming reality.

The digital revolution is transforming every area of life and every industry. It’s also opening up scope for new applications and business opportunities. Together with strong partners, Heidelberg is supporting the printing industry in helping shape the digital revolution and harnessing the opportunities this presents.

Heidelberg is paving the way today for digital printing of the future. It is doing so with automated processes, high-performance tools, intelligent services, and inkjet technology that applies data, toner, and ink to a wide range of surfaces and objects in a highly integrated, perfectly simple process. All this keeps you up to speed with the changing needs of the large number of customers in the printing industry looking for flexible, innovative partners.

They want partners capable of delivering personalized print products in a wide variety of materials, in short to medium runs, and, naturally, all this in customary offset quality that is cost-effective. The digital print portfolio from Heidelberg, combined with the intelligent Prinect workflow, is perfect for meeting these requirements. The consumer goods industry, for example, is responding to increasing personalization by manufacturing products that customers can configure themselves to meet their own personal needs. To address these individual target groups directly, they increasingly need personalized and versioned print products — in other words, very short runs on demand in numerous variations.

The Versafire product line from Heidelberg is the solution to these challenges — an all-round system for cost-effective and flexible production of short and personalized runs, in combination with a vast variety of substrates and an impressive price-performance ratio.

The trend in packaging printing is also toward personalization. Special editions, prototypes, and designs tailored to small target groups in standardized packaging sizes can all be implemented industrially in very short runs using the new Primefire 106 from Heidelberg.

Labels and foils also offer scope for flexible designs and addressing target groups directly. The Gallus Labelfire digital printing system for self-adhesive labels combines digital versatility with conventional finishing.

The Omnifire supports applications for printing three-dimensional objects (4D printing) and even enables personalized printing of items “live” in the sales room with the customer looking on. These include balls, cups, helmets, and much more.

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Heidelberg offers high-performance digital print solutions for cost-effective, highly flexible on-demand production of print products in short runs, personalized or versioned, on a wide range of materials and objects, and in batches as low as one.

The Versafire series is used to produce finished products such as brochures or magazines, while industrial packaging printing uses the Primefire 106. The Gallus Labelfire reliably handles web printing of self-adhesive labels, films, and foils, while the Omnifire supports personalized printing of objects.

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