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POLAR Stand-Alone Die-Cutter DCC-M.

For High-Quality Die-Cutting of Compressible Materials with Counter Pressure System and Manual Loading

The POLAR stand-alone die-cutter DCC-M works in the counter-pressure principle and is thus particularly suitable for special materials such as plastic, metal foil and big label forms. It is ideal for the semi-automatic offline production of labels. Especially in the production of small-to-medium run lengths, POLAR stand-alone die-cutters are economically.

The individual stack is transported by two gripper fingers to the die-cutter. Here, the stack is pressed first from the counter-pressure plate, the exact counterpart of the die. The compressed stack is pushed through the die-mould and receives his final form. The die-cut stack is fed via a shuttle to the banding unit and gets banded.

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