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Speedmaster XL 75-5 LE UV. Germany’s first Speedmaster XL 75-5 with LE UV technology leads to significant savings in energy and waste.

Added value for end customers: faster delivery times, top quality, and a wider range of substrates

“We’re now able to print jobs that we couldn’t before. Everything has been exactly as Heidelberg promised”, says Christian Rump from Blömeke in Herne in summarizing his experiences with the Speedmaster XL 75-5 LE UV. Managing directors and brothers Christian and Klaus-Georg Rump were looking for a replacement for their two older presses, and made increasing the profitability of their press arm and achieving a higher margin their top priority. It quickly became clear that replacing the old presses from another supplier with a highly automated five-color Speedmaster XL 75 in three-shift use would offer the greatest efficiency. In order to achieve the required high quality standards given the fast delivery times and the predominantly short runs of 2,000 sheets per job on average, the innovative LE UV drying technology (LE = Low Energy) is used. This would also mean no more protecting jobs with dispersion coating, particularly for short runs, as a requirement for prompt and quick finishing with no scratches.

It is possible to print on normal paper, natural paper, plastic, and foils. The LE UV technology is particularly beneficial for natural paper, since no powder application or coating is required and the natural look is retained with a high printing quality. “We’ve been able to inspire our existing customers and win new customers. Furthermore we are now offering faster and completely reproducible delivery. We’ve also been able to reduce our already low complaint rate even further”, notes Christian Rump happily.

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