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Climate Protection with Seal of Quality

In the future, the commitment to climate protection can be a factor that is decisive for the growth of your business. The logo of Heidelberg with the deer is a symbol of environmental protection. This logo can be used by printers to identify environmentally friendly products and processes. This allows you to make your environmental commitment and visible to differentiate themselves. There are three different versions of the logo. In addition, there is the identification of CO2-neutral on the printing unit for CO2-neutral machines.

The Logo “equipment CO2 neutral”

Heidelberg offers its customers CO2-neutral machines. In addition to the labelling of the machine guard, print products pointing out the CO2-neutrality of these machines may be labeled with the logo “equipment CO2 neutral.” Owners of CO2-neutral Heidelberg machines can post their company profile on the Heidelberg website www.heidelberg.com/CO2/equipment. Printing products that are produced on these machines may be labeled with the logo “equipment CO2 neutral”. In this way printers can demonstrate their environmental awareness to customers. Climate protection is a key success factor and a selling point. Heidelberg customers benefit from the investment in CO2-neutral machines in two ways: they can achieve competitive advantages and a strong customer loyalty.

The Logo “print and equipment CO2 neutral”
The Logo „print CO2 neutral“

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