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Grunwald Printing Ramps Up Production with Stahlfolder BH 82 from Heidelberg


Kennesaw, Ga., – Grunwald Printing (Corpus Christi, Texas) has come home to Heidelberg in the folding department with the installation of a continuous-feed, Stahlfolder BH 82 4/4/4 modular buckle plate folding machine.

Grunwald purchased the new folder to use in the production of 32-page signatures for a time-sensitive monthly job that used to monopolize the company’s existing folder for two full days. The net effect of this one job—which came with stringent time constraints—was bringing Grunwald’s postpress production to a virtual standstill until the job could be completed. Now, however, said General Manager Gabe Gonzales,

“Work that used to tie up the other folder is being done on the BH 82 in less than one shift, freeing up capacity for the variety of commercial folding work we do for other customers.”

In addition to giving Grunwald Printing a leg up on the competition, the BH 82 also creates tight, precise folds, for a quality difference customers notice, Gonzales said. Not surprisingly, the bulk of Grunwald’s commercial folding work now flows through Heidelberg’s Stahlfolder, aided by faster makeready times as Grunwald’s operators become more comfortable with its advanced features.

A Struggle No More

Grunwald now runs 16-page signatures at the folder’s full rated speed of 11,000 sph, and 32-page signatures at 10,000 sph, nearly doubling the company’s folding productivity, in addition to accelerating turn times and speeding customer delivery. For most jobs, Gonzales said, a single operator can handle both job setup and offloading of the folded products.

“It used to be a struggle getting our monthly publication work out, and the situation created a lot of overtime at the end of the month,” Gonzales said. “We run an 8-hour shift with ease now, due to the higher runs speeds on the BH-82. The new folder has really helped us cut down on our overtime hours.”

Founded in 1954, Grunwald Printing is a full-service commercial printer offering high-quality sheetfed offset and short-run digital printing, as well as graphic design, prepress, finishing, and mailing services. The company runs an all-Heidelberg pressroom housing five Heidelberg presses from 20” to 40”.

A Secure Investment

Heidelberg’s Stahlfolder BH/CH folding machines ensure top quality folding and are especially well suited for signatures, books, and perfect-bound or stitched commercial products. Efficient automation supports faster makeready and easy handling.

The modular buckle plate (BH) folders and combination (CH) folders are available in 56, 66, 78 and 82 centimeter widths. Both can be custom-tailored with various options and modules, can be equipped with flat pile, round continuous or pallet feeder, and are compatible with existing Heidelberg deliveries. On the automated versions, buckle plate stops, buckle plates with swing deflectors, folding rollers and slitter shafts are automatically set in the buckle plate units. The settings for up to 300 jobs can be stored and quickly recalled. All automated Stahlfolder BH/CH folding machines are equipped with a central, operator-friendly touchscreen control.

Media contacts:

Andy Rae
Senior Vice President - Equipment
Heidelberg USA

Jean-Marie Hershey
Write Hand Communications for Heidelberg USA

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