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With nearly 20 years in the business, Practimax Sdn Bhd has evolved to become Malaysia’s premier label manufacturer. The company’s reputation for high quality print, excellent customer service and fast turnaround times is well established and it continues to report annual double-digit growth.

Owner and Managing Director Mr. Roger Yeap says, "The key to our business success is our excellent people, but they must be given the best tools for the job."

Contributing to the company’s success is its commitment to working with the best equipment. Practimax has a program of continual investment in leading edge technology. Its latest acquisition is the Gallus EM280 inline press, which was installed last year and has proven to be an excellent addition to the Selangor company’s production capabilities.

“We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and cost-effective products using state-of-the-art technology in printing. The Gallus EM280 plays an important role in meeting our mission.”

Mr. Yeap says he chose to stay with the Gallus brand and upgrade to the EM280 because of his satisfaction with the performance of the previous machine. “Our past experience with Gallus, and the reliability and durability of our existing press, made our decision to upgrade easy.”

When you are producing a high volume of labels and are pressured by delivery times, it is essential to have a machine that you can rely on, he says. “We’ve had no maintenance issues, which means no downtime. The Gallus EM280 is an impressive machine that is operator friendly, produces excellent label printing quality and allows us to have a fast response time”.

Practimax produces both adhesive and non-adhesive labels for a variety of customers across various market segments and its labels are used locally and internationally. It prints the gamut of label production and its services include speciality items such as peel and reveal labels, and pop up labels.

Peel and reveal labels are ideal if you need to include additional information that can’t be printed on the front label such as operating instructions, competition details or content in a different language. Pop up labels can be used to adhere to existing products to promote a special offer such as a 2-in-1 purchase or to move older stock. Pop up labels help you gain valuable insights into customer buying habits and are an effective and economical way of increasing interaction with customers.

The company also produces hologram labels which can be manufactured to custom designs in a rainbow of colours. Holograms ensure maximum security for products. Some applications for hologram labels include pharmaceutical stickers, barcode, computer, warranty and electronic stickers.

Practimax uses the Gallus EM280 to produce a wide range of high quality self-adhesive labels. This press is a modular inline flexographic printing machine that can be configured and retrofitted to meet specific requirements. Practimax operates a 9-color machine that is capable of cold foil stamping, laminating and slitting. The printing units can be used in any position making it an incredibly versatile machine. It is also highly accurate as centralised and decentralised register adjustments can be made when the press is running or at standstill.

The quick-change platform enables the operator to switch printing processes in minutes. Short setup times, rapid ink changes and quick drying ensures high speed turnaround times and the flexible combination of printing processes delivers greater options. All these features combine to enable Practimax to produce labels cost effectively and to meet the quality and delivery expectations of their customers.

Mr. Yeap says the support and knowledge of Heidelberg made the installation of the Gallus EM280 a seamless process. “We were very pleased with how quickly Heidelberg was able to install and commission the press. It has now been running for 12 months and we couldn’t be happier. It has proven to be a very worthwhile investment. Gallus continues to improve its technology to meet the market’s demands for quality and fast production. It makes all the difference when you are working with the latest equipment”.

He continues. “Investing in new technology, like the Gallus EM280, helps us to keep our prices down. The cost savings we make from our approach to continual investment means that we can pass on the economic benefits to our customers”.

“We are passionate about what we do and our commitment to quality and service has resulted in long term relationships with many of our customers. We look forward to welcoming those that are yet to be in our customer portfolio. We can assure you that our association will be a valuable one for you and your esteemed organisation,” he concludes.

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