Heidelberg Asia Newsletter issue 3:


Dear Reader,

How and when the anti Covid-19 measures will be eased is currently one of the hottest topics. While the discussion is on many printers are trying to figure out what the future will bring. Any long-term plan once cautiously formulated suddenly needs a very thorough review. And this holds true for both printers and us, the suppliers. Nobody taught me of how to properly read a crystal ball and hence I don’t even try. But the least we can do at Heidelberg is making a thorough assessment of the worldwide print activities during the prevailing crisis and share these data with our customers. Far more than 10,000 Heidelberg presses are sending data to the Heidelberg Cloud around the clock. By means of these anonymized data we can draw a pretty accurate picture of the printed sheet volume per country and printed product category. Compare the accumulated print output with the productivity in the same week of the previous year and you get an impression of the impact of the crisis. Please go to and you will see all details depicted in a world map. If one combines this picture with the Covid-19 case development in the various countries, then this provides an indication of how the markets will develop. Countries like China and South Korea – hit by the crisis earlier than others - are getting back to normal pretty fast. While Commercial Printers experienced drastic slowdowns the Packaging segment remained very robust.

Using press data from the Heidelberg Cloud is possible on various accumulation levels. Not only for measuring the global print output but also for individual presses. For instance, the Heidelberg Cloud allows you to remotely monitor the status and performance of your own Speedmaster whenever you travel. Or you can benchmark yourself against a peer group of anonymized printers with similar characteristics. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about this.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Frank
MD, Heidelberg Asia Pacific

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