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Speedmaster XL 106-8-P and 2x Speedmaster XL 106-4-L. High productivity and service availability supporting dynamic growth.

Perfect for small run lengths

“We are steadily growing in terms of online print jobs and will continue to expand these sales channels,” reports Esben Mols Kabell from LaserTryk. “We print short runs of around 200 sheets digitally. The average runs for offset are slightly longer, between 1,000 and 1,300 sheets, which still means lots of job changes. Our Speedmaster presses are the perfect fit here. They are highly productive, easy to operate, very fast to set up, and print with average speeds of between 14,000 and 16,000 sheets per hour. As a rule of thumb we allow an average of 9 minutes per job, including makeready times of 3.5 minutes, which cover all activities,” continues Esben Mols Kabell. “Here’s another figure: we use 5,677 plates per week. With this workload, the good availability of Heidelberg service and its ability to have a local team on site quickly at all times is also crucial.”

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