In June 2020, a new Diana Smart 80 folding-gluing machine with Diana Braille Module was installed at the PROMIS print shop in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. It is the third servo drive machine of this model installed at PROMIS during the last 6 years. Previously, a similar Diana Smart and Diana X had been sold. The Diana´s proved themselves greatly in production, which became an important factor when choosing a new machine, followed by the complete satisfaction of customer.

Yevgeny Sliniakov, CEO of PROMIS, commented on the reasons that formed the basis for the purchase of the new Diana Smart: “When choosing the model and the supplier, it was important that we unify the equipment. The unification determines the convenience of service, and operator-friendliness. Besides, our experience and operation statistics for the previously installed machines indicate that Diana works without failure — with appropriate service and preventive maintenance“.

At PROMIS, the period of renewal for the fleet is determined by the lifespan of the equipment — not more than 10 years. By the time the replacement of the next piece was necessary, Heidelberg-CIS supported a good trade-in option to replace the 10-year-old machine. According to company's management, this is a mutually beneficial and convenient scheme, which is very relevant for the current situation on the printing equipment market.

The new Diana Smart is equipped with a unit for Braille font application. The need for this module was determined by the market demand — more than 60% of all orders for pharmaceutical packaging require Braille font now, and in the near future, the 100% will be with Braille.

Another requirement for the production of pharmaceutical packaging is that the products must be consistent in quality. Yevgeny Sliniakov is convinced that it depends on experience and qualification of staff and equipment reliability, and at the same time, he assesses as high the level of performance for all Diana machines. “All integrated devices for quality control work well; the number of defective products is reduced to zero. So, we have no complaints about the machines’ functioning and control systems”.

Diana Smart provides the required speed — today it is 300 m/min on average, which corresponds to the current level of automation. In the future, PROMIS plans to increase the gluing speed by using robotics in such processes as stacking the packs in the bin and, after gluing, in the corrugated box.

The delivery, installation, and start-up of the third Diana Smart occurred during the Coronavirus pandemic. The impact of the external circumstances could not be completely avoided, and all parties involved were aware that it was a necessity to extend delivery times for a part of the order. “When all the equipment arrived, the Heidelberg-CIS team organized and carried out all works skillfully and within a given time frame”, says Yevgeny Sliniakov. “In general, over the years of cooperation with the Heidelberg-CIS, we have a positive opinion about the professionalism of the service staff and the quality of the company’s services in this area”.

Telling how the coronavirus pandemic influenced the company’s business, Yevgeny Sliniakov noted several important points. As a company operating in a pharmaceutical segment, PROMIS was affected to a lesser extent by the situation. Moreover, in April and May the production has risen by 27%. The reason for this was that the customers expecting the introduction of mandatory labelling for pharmaceutical packaging have placed extended orders so that they could pack the drugs and send them to their warehouses before July 1, 2020. The aim of this decision taken by some producers was to minimize the risk of drugs deliveries interruption to pharmacies due to the malfunctioning of the Labelling System.

For PROMIS, among the adverse consequences of the pandemic were the significant financial losses caused by a sharp change in the euro’s exchange rate at the beginning of the period. The losses were not recovered until June 2020. For Yevgeny Sliniakov, this is a further affirmation for the law of energy conservation as a general principle. “Everything we lose comes back”, Yevgeny is sure. “We just have to get the target right. Our aim is to meet the basic needs of our customers, namely, delivering products in time to ensure that the packaging line in a pharmaceutical company runs at a rated speed with a minimal number of permissible stops — no more than three stops per hundred thousand packages”.


JSC PROMIS is a major producer of carton boxes with paper inserts with printed instructions for pharmaceuticals. In 2019, 540 million cartons and 520 million inserts were produced totaling almost 25 Mio. EUR. In fact, every sixth box for drugs sold in Russian pharmacies was produced in PROMIS. The print shop uses Heidelberg solutions in all key areas, including the pressroom with two Speedmaster XL 75-6+L offset presses and one Speedmaster SX 102-2P. Lean Production tools support the high industrial standards. Production and control are carried out in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, PSO and Pantone.

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