Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74

Speedmaster SX 52 including free punching and bending device:

Special price: 288,000 €*

With the Speedmaster SX 52, you have strong benefits at your fingertips: the Speedmaster SX 52 not only reduces your production costs but also comes with a free punching and bending device. You’re ready to go right from the start. Opt for the Speedmaster SX 52 and profit from this attractive bundle. It’s the right move!

Be flexible, carry out a wide range of jobs and fulfill your customers’ needs. All with the Speedmaster SX 52. The printing press reduces your production costs as well as makeready time and waste sheets. Along with the extremely user-friendly operation, this allows for efficient production and increased profitability. Profit from an excellent press that will help you to produce high-quality results at competitive prices and that maintains a high reselling value.

Offer valid from May 9 to December 31, 2019

Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74
Your competition offers cheaper prices?

Beat the market’s price pressure with the Speedmaster SX 52 special offer. The printing press reduces production costs by cutting makeready time and the amount of waste sheets.

Produce profitably!

Your customers have extraordinary wishes?

Produce a wide range of jobs and substrates whenever you need to. The high flexibility of the Speedmaster SX 52 enables you to meet your customers’ demands.

Produce individually!

You need everything in one because you only have a single machine?

Profit from the high flexibility of the Speedmaster SX 52. The energy and resource saving press is a true all-rounder which produces a range of different substrates and grammages.

Produce flexibly!

Experience speaks for itself.

What customers say:

“Print quality is extremely important for a business, which is why we purchased such a high-quality printing press.”
“There is no need for me to worry whether the machine is running okay or requires servicing–it’s an all new unit in tip-top condition. For me as a business man, it’s a headache-free package.”
"The SX 52 is extremely color-stable, and the overall set-up process is much faster. It allows us to deliver top notch quality."

Offer flexible solutions at competitive prices with the Speedmaster SX 52.

  • All-in-one solution, ideal for A3 format printing
  • Equipped with the latest technology, tried and tested with over 40,000 units sold
  • High productivity with four printing units and printing speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Easy to operate
  • High quality press which will retain its value
  • Multi-frequency 60 Hz, Metal-barred blankets and AutoPlate
  • HydroStar Compact, air cooled
  • Non-stop for delivery with rake
  • Delivery drum SuperBlue
  • Powder spray device AP110
  • StaticStar Compact
  • Alcohol tester

Get your special offer now!

In need of a solution for the medium-size format range?

Check out the Speedmaster SX 74 with flexible processing of different production run lengths –it might be the perfect fit to your needs!


Offer includes transport from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG to CFR Manila Sea Port. Prices exclude duty & 12% VAT.

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