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The perfect upgrade to Prinect’s integrated archive function.

Prinect Archiver Pro.

Optimum organization of print job data
Digitization has had a profound impact on printing processes. Notwithstanding all the benefits in terms of faster speed, quality improvements, and reduced workload, there is one challenge that all print shops, regardless of their size and focus, have to face every day: the information overload. A print shop that wants to offer customers prompt plate remakes needs access to a reliable and easily understood archive. An archive that permits fast reuse of all the necessary files.

Organized structure
Prinect Archiver Pro supports the organized storage of all of a print shop’s data through the automatic creation of job data structures. In so doing, it lays the foundation for optimized archiving and organization. Upon opening an archived print job, a user can immediately tell which components belong to that job. Pictures and fonts, for example, can be found and used in just a few clicks.

The perfect upgrade to Prinect’s integrated archive function
By using Prinect Data Center, Prinect Archiver Pro upgrades not only the functionality but also the archive capacity of Prinect’s integrated archive function, with the result that the size of the archive is only limited by the size of the physical archive media.

  • Automatic creation of content folders organizes the data storage and structures the print job.
  • Easy, browser-based navigation through the archive
  • Automatic extraction of metadata (XMP, IPTC, EXIF) provides more information with no manual effort
  • Fast locating and reusing of data from the archive saves time and avoids errors

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