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Prinect Business Manager.

The Prinect Business Manager® automates the commercial processes in your print shop and simplifies job processing. You shorten your response times to queries and orders. The cheapest production method is identified in seconds and a quote is calculated automatically. Manual costing is also possible. All job data is automatically available in production as well, thus minimizing preparation work. The MIS gives you total transparency with respect to the current status at all times.

All job flows under control

Prinect facilitates central warehouse and shipping management. A partially automated materials ordering system reduces costs and ensures availability. You can quickly access a precise overview of all your stock – from raw materials, through tools to finished goods. All the documents needed for shipping and billing can be created easily without data having to be entered again. An online connection to logistics partners simplifies the shipping job flows even more.

Prinect integrates management and production, and helps to optimize profit by means of precise final costing. Bottlenecks are identified at an early stage. Detailed comparisons make it possible to keep total control over costs and margins. These key performance figures make the print shop easier to manage.

  • Fast and precise costing with little effort
  • Significantly reduced work for the reliable processing of customer projects
  • More efficient production due to advance definition of the entire job in the MIS
  • Total profitability control due to extensive reports

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