Zero Defect Packaging.

Three seconds. That’s how long it takes a consumer to make a buying decision in the supermarket – mostly based on the packaging. International brands spend multi-digits million euro amounts for advertising and product staging, and thus for good reason expect packaging that is aesthetical, legally unobjectionable, functional and commercially flawless. ​

To fulfill the ever more complex requirements for defect-free production in the future also, Heidelberg delivers solutions for automated quality assurance and control that are integrated in presses, workflows, and an intelligently networked production environment. Our goal: Nero defect packaging.​

See here how to avoid, detect and resolve defects during folding carton production:

No more design errors.

No more prepress errors.​

No more color deviations.

No more printing errors.​

No more finishing errors.​

No more article mix-ups.​

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