Predictive Monitoring.

  • Identifies malfunctions to prevent downtime before it occurs
  • Enables service call-outs to be planned in advance
  • Leads to lower maintenance costs and increased productivity

Maximum press availability.

The simplest way to prevent malfunctions is to ensure they cannot occur in the first place. Our proactive service measures are geared to do exactly that. Our remote experts use Predictive Monitoring to watch over your printing presses continuously via a secure internet connection. So irregularities are identified early – before they become malfunctions.

Remote analysis: The existing remote connection on the press sends technical data to Heidelberg, where we use a big-data analysis platform to examine irregularities. The press's intelligent sensor technology and the integration of peripherals and color measurement devices deliver detailed information on the status of the whole machine.

State-of-the-art data platform: This ongoing data analysis identifies anomalies that could indicate possible future faults before they have a chance to restrict your production. This goes a long way toward preventing unplanned single service interventions. Instead, we can plan the requisite measures and implement them as a package.

We keep you regularly informed of predictive measures we have taken and of press status in general. Our goal is to keep your press availability as high as possible.

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