How our Christmas Card was produced.

Experience the magic of Tactile Coatings.

The elaborate front of the Christmas card was produced in a single pass on a Speedmaster XL 106 with double-coating and cold foil technology.

The consumables we used are the ones offered in our Tactile Coatings package: our Heidelberg screen roller which includes a special engraver for a high pick-up and transfer volume and Saphira high-gloss UV coatings. The combination of these high quality consumables enables haptic effects of the kind only possible with screen printing.

To complement the pronounced matt gloss effects, cold foil was used to achieve impressive metallic tones.

More about our Tactile Coatings package

Saphira textured coatings

The textured coating from the Tactile Coatings application package enables haptic effects of the kind previously only possible with screen printing.

Saphira anilox rollers

Developed by Heidelberg, our Saphira anilox roller with special engraver deliver a high pick-up and transfer volume.

Application know-how

Printing is our passion: our applications experts are at your service to help you choose the right consumables, configure your equipment and train your staff to recreate the magic in your print shops.

Making-of the Heidelberg 2019 Christmas card.

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