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Through alcohol-reduced printing with IPATech.

The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically increased the price of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) from one day to the next. Print shops were among those put under financial pressure as a result. All that is in the past now. With Heidelberg’s unique IPATech, you reduce IPA use in next to no time with no variation in process stability and quality. Minimal effort, maximum benefit: you cut costs, improve your environmental footprint, and increase your flexibility.

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With IPATech, an innovative substitute for isopropyl alcohol, high-percentage concentrations in the press room are a thing of the past – with the same results and production efficiency. You reduce your consumption from 8 % to 3 % quickly and easily or, if you are already using alcohol-reduced printing techniques, from 4 % to 2 %. Thus you benefit directly from lower costs and environmentally friendly production.

You gain more independence from market fluctuations, reduce your storage needs and – something that your customers will also be glad to hear – your CO2 footprint. And no need to worry, our Heidelberg service technicians will have you changed over in no time. Changing over the system involves just a few steps and – including training – can be completed in less than a day.

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Take advantage of the Heidelberg IPATech bundle:

  • Reduce your IPA use from 8 % to 3 % with little effort
  • Test kit and digital app for reliable dampening solution metering
  • Significant cost savings
  • No variation in quality or process stability
  • Improved environmental footprint

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