The Green printing pledge

With the Saphira Eco eco-friendly consumables line, Heidelberg pledges to work only with those manufacturers who have an environmental management system in place to implement the technical and organizational aspects of their environmental policy.

All suppliers of Saphira Eco consumables

  • are certified to ISO 9001/14001 or can verify that they meet of exceed the requirements of ISO 9001/14001,
  • always seek to improve their environmental protection by reducing their negative impact on the environment and cutting their consumption of energy and resources,
  • endeavour to achieve a higher standard of environmental protection than is required by statutory regulations,
  • test, monitor, and assess the impact of their business operations on the environment on an ongoing basis,
  • endeavour to eliminate potential negative impacts on the environment from the early stages of product development, and in the subsequent production process,
  • train their staff and provide them with information to improve environmental awareness both within and outside the company,
  • make an active contribution to protecting the environment by obtaining their raw materials from green sources,
  • commit themselves to the continuous improvement of their company’s environmental protection measures, for example by integrating environmental protection technologies into production.

Easy transition

Our eco-friendly consumables line provides you with an easy and smooth transition to a more sustainable business model.

Uncompromised productivity

Saphira Eco increases productivity by reducing coating spitting, anilox clogging, the amount of coating built-up outside the paper format and at cutting edges, leading to less plate remakes and cleaning intervals.


Saphira Eco gives you lower coating consumption for same gloss level, as well as less wash used for lower waste costs.


Heidelberg will assist you in getting your business certified as suitable for green printing.

Download the Saphira Eco Criteria Catalog

Our catalog of criteria contains a concise, factual representation of all Saphira Eco product groups. It highlights their relevant components and explains which criteria have led to Saphira Eco consumables being classified as suitable for green printing.

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