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LE UV & LED UV printing presses.

You are interested in stepping into LE UV or LED UV printing and are looking to invest in a new printing press?

Available in all format classes, the Speedmaster is your ideal choice of equipment for LE UV and LED UV printing.

How to choose the right press?

Choose the market leader and find a tailor-made solution for each and every one of your requirements. Our product porfolio is by far the most comprehensive in the sheetfed offset printing industry. From the attractively equipped Speedmaster SX and CX presses right through to the Peak Performance models, from the small to the large-size formats, we offer unbeatable productivity in LE UV and LED UV printing. Let us help you find the perfect machine configuration for your requirements.

Available Speedmaster LE UV & LED UV models:

Whether for small or large formats and regardless of the types of jobs you specialize in, Speedmaster presses deliver top performance and unrivaled results.

Key benefits of Speedmaster for LE UV & LED UV

The DryStar LE UV and DryStar LED dryer systems are perfectly integrated in the press. This guarantees optimum dryer efficiency and print quality, even at high press speeds or when multiple color assignments or challenging coatings are used. Postprocessing of printed sheets is extremely fast thanks to the ideal drying characteristics.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Best accessibility of dryer and sheet guide plate
  • The systems can be removed without tools ("plug & print")
  • Ease of operation and make ready of jobs, storing all job data with DryStar Advanced
  • Increased drying performance thanks to the minimum distance between dryer and sheet
  • All operational steps are done via the Prinect Press Center XL 2 or the delivery control panel

LE UV/LED UV: Everything you need to know to get started.

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LE UV and LED UV offer printers new possibilities for the process-optimized
manufacture of print products with an extended range of applications.

But how can these technologies help your print shop remain competitive in the future?
Which technology should you choose? And how should you implement it?

More LE UV &
LED UV solutions:

Want to add LE UV or LED UV features to your existing production systems? Discover our upgrade solutions.


Get the best LE UV and LED UV printing results with Saphira consumables.


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