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Flat screen printing

About Gallus

We offer an end-to-end solution for industrial glass and container screen printing: a fully integrated printing system with machine-produced screen printing plates.

Take advantage of the benefits of the Gallus flat screen printing system:

  • A small number of simple steps in the prepress stage
  • Higher productivity due to standardization of printing stencil production
  • Flexibility in printing stencil production

Gallus Screeny C-Line

Gallus Screeny G-Line

Gallus Screeny frame system

If you require further information on Flat Screen Printing and its portfolio, please feel free to send an e-mail directly to the Gallus Flat Screen Printing Department:


Gallus Screeny G-Line and C-Line screen printing plates set new standards in cost-efficiency and production reliability


Flat screen printing is ideal for decorating hollow glass and printing on hollow containers


Thanks to their flexible frame design, our flat screen printing plates can be used with almost any small-format printing press

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