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Smart Factory.

An industrial production chain that can be operated as easily as a smartphone? What still sounds like a fairytale could soon become a reality. Digitization is taking hold in industry and transforming complex processes into intelligent production, including in the printing sector.

Networking is key. Where previously data silos and standalone systems dominated in many industrial production sectors, the digital revolution in the printing industry is bringing fundamental changes. The smart print shop of the future will be characterized by the complete integration of entire process chains and an intelligent management system. Complex processes will simply control themselves.

Individuality, flexibility, and autonomous intelligence are the core messages in the digital transformation of existing structures. Short delivery times and low unit quantities are the values that all industries will have to measure themselves against in the future. Prinect, the print and media workflow from Heidelberg, is at the heart of industrial print production. It enables integrated processes to be implemented along the entire value-added chain — not only across applications but also between offset and digital, with both processes being regarded as equal. This gives rise to a stable system comprising a press, workflow, application technology, consumables, and services, all of which combine to create intelligent solutions.

Data plays a key role in this process. You can only optimize your processes and make transparent decisions if you have all the information at hand in real time. Software, support, and documentation are available at all times on the Heidelberg customer portal via cloud services.

Integrated machine sensors that communicate with each other also provide a continuous stream of information. Evaluating this correctly is what turns “big data” into added value.

To this end, the Heidelberg Remote Services network links over 10,000 machines and 15,000 software products into an industrial Internet of Things. This network is key to the quality of the individual service products and productivity recommendations. We use it to help our customers increase their press availability, but also to improve productivity.

Integrated communication along the entire process chain, combined with intelligent automation, represents the future of industrial digital print production.

The key features in 15 seconds

With intelligent systems, end-to-end networking of production, and powerful software and hardware, printing in the future will be easier than ever.

  • Intelligent production cuts complexity and accelerates processes autonomously.
  • Digital networking is key.
  • The Prinect print and media workflow is at the heart of digital integration.
  • Big data delivers the information needed to optimize results and monitor processes on an ongoing basis.

By integrating print processes into industrial applications directly and completely, Heidelberg is setting standards in the smart factory and thus driving forward intelligent production.

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