Speedmaster XL 75.



Fully automatic plate changing.

AutoPlate Pro offers a reduction in plate changing time of about 50% compared to AutoPlate. By integrating it into Intellistart 2 this ensures an uninterrupted, automatic process chain when changing the job. During plate changing the operator has time for other tasks.



Ink change - Faster, simpler and cleaner.

Ink fountain liner protects the ink fountain from staining. The foil can be easily replaced without additional manual effort. In addition, the side cheeks can be removed very simply. Parallel wash programms shorten makeready times additionally.



No more flying blind.

As soon as the operator starts a job with Prinect Inpress Control 2 everything runs fully automatically. The measuring device finds the paper white as well as the colour control strip and delivers after less than 30 sheets the first color measurement result. Then the register is set correctly and afterwards the color control starts . If the required inking value is reached the production can start - on request automatically.



Fast cleaning.

The cloth washup devices for blanket and impression cylinders reduce the consumption of washing fluid and washup cloth as well as the washup times. The blanket and the impression cylinder are washed simultaneously in all units. Also the inking unit washup device works with a reduced amount of water and washing fluid.




Efficiently dry.

If the dryer is optimally integrated into the delivery, the energy costs can be reduced considerably. Reducing the distance to the sheet by 1 cm increases the efficiency of an IR dryer by 5%. DryStar, the unique dryer system from Heidelberg, needs 20 percent less energy compared to other systems. For example if 50 to 60 percent of the jobs are are coated DryStar dryers save up to 390 kWh per million sheets.




Reliable productivity.

The patented assistance system Intellistart 2 automatically generates all the steps required for intelligent job changes and provides maximum transparency across all active and queued processes, even for complex makeready procedures. The time-optimized sequence is simulated live by Intelliguide. In combination with the soild machine concept, the innovative technology and our outstanding service, your production can be better planned with the Speedmaster XL 75 and Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2 press.



Straight into postpress.

The dryer technology DryStar LE UV and DryStar LED expand your range of services and the performance of your Speedmaster XL 75. You are more flexible in the choice of printing material. You can offer a wide range of special effects to your customers, and simultaneously reduce the throughput times in your print shop. In times of short runs and fast delivery a dry sheet, which can be further processed immediately, is just for commercial printers and web-to-print providers a big plus.



Productivity from the start.

The Preset Plus Feeder is equipped with a suction tape with differently adjustable air chambers for gentle sheet transport of all materials. The adjustment of the feeder is fully automated via preset values based on job data.


User friendliness.


Push to Stop: uninterrupted productivity.

For the first time, multiple follow-up orders can be prepared and released during production. In addition, processes are automatically started when changing jobs – and then run on their own. As part of this process, the color measuring system Prinect Inpress Control 2 with the Quality Assist function automatically switches the machine to “production run” once the defined quality requirements are met. This fully automated job changing – from the last to the first good sheet until production starts – is unique in offset printing.



Everything in sight.

The patented assistance system Intellistart 2 automatically generates all the steps required for intelligent job changes and provides maximum transparency across all active and queued processes. The time-optimized sequence is simulated live by Intelliguide.

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Quick and easy.

Thanks to the Roller Check Assistant the review and adjustment takes only 10 minutes per printing unit compared to manual adjustment which takes 30 minutes to complete. The easy roller setting is standardized for Speedmaster presses and therefore easily transferred from one machine to the other. The simple, fast handling allows a preventive examination and thus ensures higher quality, less waste and a lower complaint rate.


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    Special Applications require a high level of production knowledge for an economical production.

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    Industrialized Production

    The best result for the best price – this is only possible with a lean production thanks to optimized processes.

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    Star System

    Make the most of your Speedmaster by using the Star System

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