Turi2 Edition "The Digital Me".

The book with the 1,241 covers.

“The future
of printed communication is clearly headed in the direction of personalization.” Peter Turi, journalist & publisher.

“The Digital Me” is the fifth edition of a book series published by German media man Peter Turi and his co-publisher Uwe C. Beyer.

“We wanted to do something different, to provide a feast for the eyes and a kind of pit stop for the senses,” says Peter Turi, explaining his approach.

The book was extremely well received by the 1,241 media and opinion influencers who received a personal copy. The amount of feedback far exceeded that of previous issues, indicating that customized and personalized covers attract much more attention than standard products.

The personalized covers were printed at Multi Packaging Solutions in Obersulm, which has the distinction of being the first commercial user for the Primefire 106 . Its 200 pages of content were printed using a traditional offset approach at Schleunungdruck in Marktheidenfeld on their new eight color Speedmaster XL 106 .

Combining the two printing processes is a good example of the perfect interaction of the latest digital printing technology and traditional offset technology. It produced an ideal solution in terms of efficiency, speed, and variability.


Take a guided tour of the production of the fifth edition of Turi2 Edition - "The Digital Me".

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