Environmental credentials of Omnifire digital printing.

Can you personalize products?

The Omnifire is a print-on-demand machine that enables the personalization of a variety of 3D objects. An example of the Omnifire’s capabilities is its ability to personalize coffee cups, cereal cans, helmets, soccer balls, and more. Product personalization is a method of sustaining a business by taking advantage of the growing demand for personalized products and by also adding value to a product.

Furthermore, there are two factors that result in products printed using the Omnifire being more sustainable when used by consumers. First, the Omnifire ensures that the print is long-lasting and therefore the printed product can be re-used. Second, consumers prefer not to dispose of customized products as frequently as unpersonalized ones. We can see this when we personalize a to-go coffee cup. Personalized and re-usable coffee cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable ones because of the reduction in waste generated. In the UK, close to 3 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year and fewer than 1 in 400 are actually recycled.

The Omnifire also uses a “plug and play” printing process, which means there are no wasted printed products during makeready. The machine also produces less sound pollution compared to most other printing machines and there are no smells emitted while printing. This makes it ideal to be placed even in stores for consumers to watch their products being personalized. The German cereal brand MyMuesli is doing just that. They are interested in providing high-quality and healthy cereal and to add value to their brand, their re-usable cereal containers can be personalized and printed on the Omnifire in-store. This concept has been very successful in Germany and the brand continues to grow.

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