Speedmaster XL 106-DD.

  • Maximum die-cutting format of 740 mm x 1,050 mm (29.13 in × 41.34 in) with foils thicknesses between 0.03 mm (0.0012 in) and 0.3 mm (0.012 in)
  • Equipped with Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery
  • Foil package for the feeder, die-cutting unit and perfecting delivery
  • Two suction segment disks transfer the sheets from the impression cylinder to the sheet guide plates
  • Sheet guide plates are equipped with Venturi nozzle technology
  • Dynamic sheet brakes in the delivery

Peak Performance Class – Rotary die-cutting with Speedmaster XL technology.

Heidelberg sets standards in the production of inmold labels with the Speedmaster XL 106-DD for rotary die-cutting. These kind of label is used for e.g.food packaging, lids and paint buckets. The Speedmaster XL 106-DD works on the principle of the rotary die cutter, which offers a number of advantages over the flatbed and punch die-cutters which are usually used in the production for inmold labels. The Speedmaster XL 106-DD is ready for production following 15 minutes of make-ready. For production runs up to 500,000 sheets the cost of tooling is reduced by 50 percent compared to traditional flat bed die-cutting. Using the innovative components from Speedmaster XL 106 perfecting technology ensures precise align delivery piles without a single blank being detached from a sheet.

For special applications, the Speedmaster XL 106-DD rotary die-cutter is equipped with an innovative magnetic cylinder with extraction. The machine not only cuts out the contour, but also removes even the tiniest injection holes of five millimeters diameter or more completely and reliably. All of this in a single step and at a higher speed than previously possible.


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