Geoff Neal Litho.

Speedmaster XL 105-5+L and Speedmaster XL 106-6+L. Constant production speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour. The XL technology takes Geoff Neal into a completely new productivity league!

Speedmaster – the name says it all

“Our Speedmaster XL 105 and XL 106 presses achieve production speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour on a virtually constant basis. That’s what I call speed! This generation of presses has increased our productivity by 30 percent.” In 2010, CEO Geoff Neal was actually looking to invest in a remarketed press, but then he saw the Speedmaster XL 105 at Ipex and realized: “XL technology takes us into a completely new league!” In June 2013, he responded to the continuous growth in his company’s sales volumes over the last few years by purchasing an additional Speedmaster XL 106-6+L press.

Geoff Neal Litho Ltd has been trading in Hounslow, West London, since 1976. Initially only a local supplier, the company with its now more than 70 employees has long been active nationally, too. Its sales focus primarily on commercial jobs, direct mailings, and B2B business for auction houses and automakers, for example. The Speedmaster XL presses ensure the necessary productivity in-house. Another factor for Neal is that “Speedmaster presses show that their owners are part of the printing elite and are therefore the perfect partner for prestigious key accounts.”

The Speedmaster XL presses are particularly productive for shorter runs. On average, run lengths scarcely exceed 10,000 for brochures and catalogs at Geoff Neal. Some 20 to 30 job changes are performed each day. This makes minimum setup times crucial for cost-effective production – something the Speedmaster achieves with ease. “Our XL 105 printed over 100 million sheets in the first 30 months alone.”

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