Speedmaster XL 106 LY-7+LYY+1+L. Record holder in makeready times, color control, and print speed.

Equipped to meet customer needs now and in the future

“With the new Speedmaster XL 106, we’re setting records in makeready times, color control, and print speed that we wouldn’t have dared dream of just a few months ago,” says Carlos Labori, one of the managing directors of family-run EGISA, summing up the company’s success. “We’ve been relying on Heidelberg in the pressroom since 1991. This is simply where we find the most reliable know-how on the market for our specific press configurations.” EGISA primarily produces sophisticated and highly complex print jobs, many with spot colors. The Speedmaster presses provide the top productivity needed for this. “Now it takes us no more than six hours for a complicated repeat job of 15,000 sheets with four primary colors, two spot colors, and a gloss coating,” says a delighted Labori.

Barcelona-based EGISA has been in the printing business since 1964. Around 150 employees are currently involved in production in two-shift operation. Originally specializing in the publishing sector, EGISA now focuses on premium packaging for leading cosmetics and perfume manufacturers and the high-end food market for chocolates and gourmet products. The company is ideally equipped for this sector and is able to cover all the production areas necessary for sophisticated packaging solutions – from 3D design and printing to folding, gluing, lamination, coding, embossing, and die cutting.

As well as the Speedmaster XL 106, the pressroom also houses a Speedmaster CD 102 five-color press with coating unit and a CD 102 six-color machine with double coating technology. For Labori, future development is clear: “The finishing demands for premium packaging are growing all the time. We want to meet these customer needs in full. And now we’re perfectly equipped to do this.”

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