PT Suburmitra Grafistama (Subur), Indonesia.

Speedmaster range.

On course for growth with Heidelberg presses.

In love with the technology from Heidelberg.

“You can’t put it any other way – I love the technologies from Heidelberg,” explains Soeseno Boenarso, founder of PT Suburmitra Grafistama, better known as “Subur”. “The Speedmaster presses are the key elements of my success. In 1984, I began with a single-color SORM and, over the years, I’ve continually updated and enlarged my fleet of machines, which now includes two Speedmaster XL 105 and a Speedmaster XL 75. Our customers put their trust in our quality and delivery reliability, and this is only possible with Speedmaster machines. In comparison with other producers, Heidelberg reliably supplies the highest quality. Furthermore, the resale value of the machines is second to none. For example, we got 38 percent of the original price for each of our 16-year old machines and even 100 percent for a 10-year old, 4-color GTO 52 many years ago. You just can’t beat that,” explains Soeseno Boenarso enthusiastically.

Starting out as a small copy shop, Subur is now one of the leading and largest printing companies in the country with a total of 11 subsidiaries, some of which are fully-owned by the company, and 500 employees. The company supplies a wide variety of advertising materials, e.g. desk calendars, magazines and fliers, as well as digitally printed products such as rollup banners. In addition to banks, financial institutions and universities, agencies are also amongst Subur’s customers. The products can also be ordered via an online shop. As well as presses, the printing company also puts its trust in the Heidelberg platesetters and folding machines.

“We produce up to 40,000 desk calendars per day. This is only possible if we can rely on our machinery completely. The products from Heidelberg give us constantly high quality in exactly the right timeframe. Only Heidelberg can do that,” comments Soeseno Boenarso. “Naturally, other manufacturers contact us,” continues Soeseno Boenarso, “but once you’ve chosen Heidelberg you stay with Heidelberg.”

PT Suburmitra Grafistama (Subur), Indonesia

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