The revolutionary inking unit for short runs.

Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor.

The Anicolor inking unit is a short zoneless inking unit with dampening system. An extremely easy operation without tedious ink adjustments allows very quick and even inking. As a consequence, waste is reduced by up to 90 percent compared with machines with conventional inking units. An engraved screen roller located between the ink chamber blade and the ink form roller ensures an extremely stable inking and thus a quality that is reproducible whenever needed. The Anicolor inking unit technology is therefore the ideal solution for standardized printing. Anicolor lowers the costs for short runs considerably and ensures top offset quality at competitive prices.

The best alternative to new Heidelberg equipment:

Remarketed Equipment from Heidelberg

90 – 50 – 50. Short production run solution.

High Productivity

  • Up to 50 percent higher productivity
  • Short inking unit with a format-size engraved screen roller, a format-size inking form roller, and inking unit temperature control for rapid inking-up and stable ink feed
  • InkStar Compact ink supply system for fully automatic ink feed from cartridges to minimize amounts of residual ink
  • Perfect for standardized print jobs
  • Anicolor offers optimum offset quality through uniform, reproducible ink application
  • UV application for non-absorbing stocks

Short Makeready Times

  • The Anicolor inking unit cuts your makeready times by up to 50 percent because you no longer need to set ink zones

High Level of Usability:

  • Straightforward operation thanks to zoneless inking unit
  • Complete integration into the Prinect Workflow


  • Up to 90 percent less waste

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how a perfect interplay between people, machines, materials, and processes can deliver a perfect result at the push of a button. Let’s be

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how you can also reach up to 90 percent less waste, up to 50 percent shorter makeready times and up to 50 percent higher productivity in the format class 50 x 70 (19.69 × 27.56 in), with the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2

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  • Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Minimizing waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

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    CO2 neutral from the Beginning

    Ecology begins with the purchase of the machine, which is why we offer all machines CO2 neutral.

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