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Suprasetter 145/162/190

  • Superlative precision and reliability
  • Convenient plate handling
  • A modular format with expansion capability for speed and automation

The Suprasetter 145/162/190 are your reliable partners for the large format. Their patented laser system with intelligent laser diodes ensures high depth of focus for outstanding quality and maximum production reliability. The Suprasetter 145/162/190 can be fitted with integrated punches for the superb register accuracy. And if you are working with process-less plates, there is an optional suction and dust filter system to protect the inside of the equipment.

Fully automatic too, if that is what you need: Our large format platesetter are modular. They can be expanded for fully automatic operation at any time with an Auto Pallet Loader. The loading systems dock at the back of the unit, leaving the plate compartment accessible for manual loading. This is a major advantage compared with conventional systems, where bypass mode is usually limited.

For the small and medium-size format...

The uniquely compact design of the Suprasetter A52 and A75 for the small and medium-size format range is highly impressive.

For the medium-size format...

The Suprasetter A106 and Suprasetter 106 offer maximum flexibility and modularity for the medium-size format range.

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