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Environmental credentials of Primefire digital printing.

How safe are your packagings?

The market for the printing of product packaging showed a 39% increase in net balance from 2016 to 2017. This is the largest percentage growth when compared to functional, commercial, and publishing printing.

The packaging of a product plays a very important part in the consumer’s decision-making process. It is becoming increasingly important for packaging to be of a high quality, convenient to open, and creative to attract modern consumers. In addition to these changes in the market, run lengths are decreasing because consumers are demanding more variety and personalization instead of mass production. The Primefire is the perfect solution for high-quality packaging that needs to be printed on demand. With its multicolor technology (7c), prints can be done at 2,500 sheets per hour at maximum quality and 4,000 sheets per hour at a lower quality.

The spread of social media and education have resulted in a rise in consumer awareness. This means that social responsibility is now a necessity. The packaging market is adapting to this with brands investing in consumer health and sustainability. Heidelberg’s Primefire helps businesses provide socially responsible packaging solutions with Swiss Ordinance-compliant printing liquids. The Swiss Ordinance compliance confirms the complete absence of a list of harmful substances from printing liquids, thereby ensuring that food products do not get contaminated with unsafe chemicals. The Primefire enables print shops to efficiently produce low-migration packaging in high quality with the added advantage of print-on-demand.

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