Customized high-end production with Versafire at Gida, Italy.

Since its foundation in 1974, Gida has been a synonym for quality and customer proximity. Gida's philosophy is to support and accompany its clients from the idea of the project to its realization. The service includes not only printing services, but also all the finishing processes. Craftsmanship is a top priority. Versafire EP of Heidelberg fits perfectly into this production context.


  • Various short-run packaging jobs with very short delivery time
  • Required manual prepress adjustments including color matching

Why Versafire EP with Prinect DFE

Pure digital printing with all the advantages in terms of substrate variety, flexibility, high printing speed and excellent toner adhesiveness allows Gida to accomplish fast delivery of the finished products to their customers and save production costs. The Versafire EP from Heidelberg allows Gida to satisfy print on demand packaging and commercial customers.

Benefit and solution

Versatility is particularly appreciated in the high-end fashion sector and in art reproductions for galleries and artists. With Prinect DFE from Heidelberg, all individual customer requirements can be stored in the system and implemented quickly, accurately and reproducibly. The Prinect DFE delivers excellent color management and guarantees the desired standardized color output.

Gida s.r.l.

Via Privata Trasimeno, 8
20128 Milano
T. +39 02 713107


Offers a wide range of products that create an exclusive image for the fashion, jewelry, art and design industries:

  • Short-run packaging jobs
  • Fashion magazines
  • High-priced fashion
  • Art reproductions for galleries and artists

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