"What is going to be the offering
of Heidelberg in packaging printing?"

Heidelberg is the world largest packaging printer supplier. It’s a similar story for our partner MK Masterwork, which is number two in the global market for postpress machines, with a market share of over 25 percent.

Both figures are the result of a consistent focus on the high performance requirements in industrial packaging printing, which will remain a top priority for our research and development activities in the future. This means we will continue to offer our customers measurable added value and clear competitive advantages through innovative solutions – everything from the Prinect workflow right through offset and inline flexographic presses, and postpress machines, not to mention a customized service and consulting portfolio as well as coordinated consumables. The focus here is on the digitization and automation of the packaging printing process, as both offer our customers access to extensive data analyses that they can use to harness valuable optimization potential for their production lines.

Our portfolio for packaging manufacturers has been growing steadily since 1986 – particularly over the last three years, as the following overview shows. We are now able to offer our customers the most comprehensive overall portfolio in the industry – and we’re already working on the solutions of tomorrow.

What advantages does Heidelberg offer packaging manufacturers?

At Heidelberg, all our solutions and development activities aim to increase output so that our customers can run their businesses as efficiently and profitably as possible. This results in measurable added value:

  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) / net productivity
  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Straightforward machine operation
  • End-to-end process optimization
  • Automation of the packaging printing process, extending as far as autonomous production in the Smart Print Shop

Increasing productivity by reducing interfaces and downtimes

When it comes to increasing OEE and thus lowering unit costs, reducing operator interfaces and process-related downtimes is by far the most promising approach.

Our solutions are the key to unlocking this untapped potential, as they offer lean, intelligently controlled processes with very few interfaces. This enables our customers to systematically increase their productivity without any operator intervention, while also using transparent and precise performance data to analyze and continuously optimize all their processes.

One example of this is the new Speedmaster 2020 generation with enhanced Push to Stop functions – for example the Intellistart 3 make-ready assistant and Intellirun, the dynamic navigation system for the printing press. When combined with robotic components, our assistance systems minimize manual intervention, thus providing packaging manufacturers with a gateway to autonomous production. They simplify the printing process, reduce unnecessary downtimes, and increase performance to maximum productivity – and all without any operator intervention. These systems make producing even smaller runs an attractive, cost-effective strategy for our customers in the packaging industry.

Increasing OEE, using the
Speedmaster XL 106 and its
Push to Stop functions as an example:

Process optimization for non-stop production

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to how critical and fragile existing supply chains can be. However, when it comes to packaging printing – a process vital to these networks – a steady supply of consumables and services is particularly crucial to ensuring uninterrupted production. After all, this is the only way that people can be continuously supplied with all their basic necessities.

That is why improving supply chains is a key component in optimizing the end-to-end process. This is an area where the Heidelberg portfolio goes far beyond the industry-standard in terms of essential production equipment.

Machine availability is a particularly critical success factor. Downtimes must be avoided under all circumstances, which is why machine maintenance should always be scheduled to prevent unplanned downtimes and to keep machine performance at the highest level. We also have an extensive range of products and services to help customers do just that.

If customers wish, Heidelberg can take over their entire consumables management process. The benefits of this vendor-managed inventory (VMI) strategy using the VMI-App are particularly apparent in the Heidelberg subscription model. This approach means less capital is tied up in consumables. At the same time, customers pursuing this model benefit from greater flexibility and can concentrate more on their own customers, while Heidelberg takes care of warehouse management.

Another key factor in optimizing overall processes when transitioning to the Smart Print Shop is complete transparency. The Heidelberg Assistant is the perfect tool for this. It is an interactive communication platform, where all the information about the print shop is consolidated. This enables our customers to keep an eye on all key performance indicators, service contracts, services, and the availability and efficiency of their machines at all times. It also provides access to a range of products and services. For example, our customers can send us information for clarifying technical issues quickly and easily online.

This is just a selection of our solutions designed to support you as you develop your business. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can provide you with further assistance.

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