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Reduce touchpoints:
fewer interventions
for greater output.

Manual interventions (touchpoints) and process interruptions can be significantly reduced with Prinect. For example, the folding cartons ordered via a web portal can be processed largely or even fully automatically – from order receipt and structural design to die-cutting and gluing. The basis for this is the automatic availability of all the data required for a job for every process step. The benefits are fewer defects, time losses, and costs.

Structural carton design and exact
costing data at the push of a button

Create the structural design for all standard shapes in any size and with no defects within a few seconds? It’s possible!

To this end, Prinect provides more than 1,800 standards including all ECMA and FEFCO designs at the push of a button. Not only is the CAD data including the 3D representation of the packaging supplied, but also the exact data for the costing: for example the dimensions of the blank and the glued folding carton, the minimum sheet format, and the number of repeats per sheet. The solution can also generate the sheet and die-cutting layouts, and reduce material consumption through the space-saving shingling of the repeats on the sheet.

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Push to Stop: navigated printing
for higher throughput

Heidelberg has already demonstrated a number of times that it is possible to cut makeready times of around 15 minutes to 5 minutes, a reduction of over 60 %. With autonomous printing, which is already widely used in commercial printing, the printer only intervenes in the software-controlled workflows when necessary (Push to Stop).

Due to the complex requirements in packaging printing, navigated printing is the method of choice for minimizing touch points and therefore throughput times. Intellistart 2 determines the most efficient processing sequence for packaging jobs, suggests it to the operator, and guides him through the makeready processes. These take place in parallel as far as possible: for example, Hycolor Multidrive washes the inking units at the same time as the printing and coating plates are being changed or the rubber blankets and impression cylinders are being washed.

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Shorter makeready times and increased production reliability

The presetting of the printing press and die cutter is also automated. Prinect provides the information: for example process parameters such as sheet size, substrate, and ink zones, control elements such as gauge pins and register marks, or carton type and dimensions for the folder gluer. In addition, Prinect generates the color profiles for the various printing methods. The result is higher output and greater production reliability.

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