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Efficient planning increases production throughput

The electronic planning board optimizes the change from one packaging job to the next. Jobs with the same parameters can be grouped for production with minimal setup effort. For example, jobs with the same spot colors or with coating application on the printing press, the same tools on the die cutter, or the same carton type on the gluer can be scheduled directly one after the other. If the integrated availability check reveals, for example, that a certain resource such as a substrate or ink is not in stock 24 hours before the start of production, then the plans will be changed in good time. Even higher machine utilization can be achieved if the planning board also manages the production of the printing plates. These are then available on the trolley in the correct sequence for the planned jobs and the required inking units.

Automated gang run production
for profitable short runs

Declining runs make gang runs indispensable. Because they save time and material costs. Prinect determines the arrangement of the different articles with different run lengths on a die-cutting layout for the most efficient production. The system takes into consideration factors such as very expensive material where waste should be reduced as much as possible, and production conditions such as the number of available printing units. The articles are spread across one or more printed sheets accordingly. A report shows how often an article was positioned and the planned print run per sheet, as well as any overproduction for individual articles. This information is also available for the costing.

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